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Two Preventative Maintenance Steps Your HVAC System Needs

Don’t Let Your HVAC Unit Just Collect Dust

With how often you likely use your HVAC unit, it needs some tender love and care throughout the year to make sure that it continues to work regularly. A broken HVAC unit always seems to occur at the worst time. When your home is freezing due to a blizzard outside, you want your unit to be repaired and heating up your home in no time. The same goes for the hot summer months when temperatures inside can rival that outside. Regular preventative maintenance can ensure the longevity of your HVAC unit and make sure that you’re saving money. Which maintenance steps are the most important? This article will offer you three major maintenance steps to ensure your unit lasts as long as it can.

Changing Filters

At least every six months, you should have someone change out the filters in your unit. This is one of the many HVAC services a professional can offer. Your unit sucks in the air around it. This means that it collects dust, dirt, and even airborne viruses and bacteria. The filter traps these harmful items from entering through the system and going into your home where you may breathe them in. However, if you don’t change this filter regularly, it can become clogged up. That means those contaminants could start to enter your home. You may discover that you and your children are becoming sick more often, especially with coughing and sore throats. For those who already have upper respiratory problems, inhaling these contaminants could prove to be a dangerous problem. As such, to ensure that your family only breathes in fresh and clean air, you should have the filters regularly changed.

It also can help you save money. This is because the filter when it is clogged, cannot allow air to pass through it as easily. This makes the unit work even harder to fill your home with either warm or cool air. You may notice a slight spike in your energy bill because the unit isn’t working efficiently. One quick little change can fix all of that.

Inspection Of Pulleys And Belts

One last area that HVAC professionals should routinely check out is the pulleys, belts, and other fine motor equipment within the unit. Just like any machine, enough wear and tear can make these items wear out and start to give. At the first sign that a belt or pulley is starting to give out, the professional should replace them. This saves you from having to shovel out money for a repair and ensures that your home remains cool or warm. It may also be prudent that those parts are lubricated regularly to ensure their movement is unimpeded and smooth.

With these parts running smoothly, your unit can also run smoothly and efficiently. Without doing so, you have an HVAC unit that isn’t functioning properly and requires more energy to perform its job. Again, this could result in a higher charge on your energy bill. By regularly maintaining the belts and pulleys within the unit, you won’t be faced with a suddenly broken unit or an increased charge on your energy bill.

Keep Your Family And Wallet Safe

By performing preventative and regular maintenance on your HVAC unit, you can ensure that the air quality of your home is safe. This can make your family healthier throughout the year. It also ensures that your wallet isn’t hit with a spike in your energy bill.

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