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What Do I Do If My A/C Stops Working?

Owning a home means that serious issues must be dealt with from time to time. One of these issues is, unfortunately, problems with the HVAC system. Even though some of these problems can be avoided by investing in regular maintenance, unexpected issues may still pop up – despite a homeowner’s best efforts. When this happens, knowing what to do will be beneficial. Keep reading to learn more.

Check the Condenser

One of the first things a person should do when their air conditioner stops working is to check the unit. It is important to make sure the condenser is running and make sure the unit is plugged in. It is also smart to check the thermostat inside the house and make sure it is set to the proper temperature. There are several reasons a person’s Home Air Conditioning system may stop working, but this is one of the main things to check.

Reduce the Temperature on the Thermostat

In some situations, it is the most obvious fixes that are the best. One way to test the air conditioning system is by turning the temperature on the thermostat down by five to ten degrees. There are some thermostats that are very tricky, and they can get their wires crossed. It is a good idea to check the unit and see if it will turn on once again when the thermostat is turned down.

To avoid issues with the air conditioning and thermostat, it is smart to read the manual carefully. Even if the thermostat is easy to operate, there could be some small print that will help a person avoid issues with the air conditioning unit. If the thermostat is faulty, the AC will stop working. This is an easy situation to fix and can be handled with regular HVAC service.

Check the System’s Fuse Box

Sometimes, the AC unit will stop working if there is a tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse. If the AC system stops working, it is a good idea to check the fuse box. This may happen with both an old or new AC unit. However, if the above steps are applied and the unit still won’t come on, there may be a more serious issue with the compressor or motor of the unit. If this happens, it is a good idea to call the professionals right away.

The AC Comes on but Won’t Cool the Air

When the system turns on, but it doesn’t make the air cooler, there is obviously an issue with the system. Usually, it will take a few steps to find the underlying issue and fix the problem.

The first step is to check the outside unit. Be sure there is nothing blocking the unit – for example, debris or leaves. If these items are present, be sure to remove the blockage and then test the system again. When the system fails to cool, it is an indication that there is something else wrong, and that additional service from the professionals are needed.

If there is nothing that is blocking the outside unit, there may be an issue with the filter. This is why it is important to have the AC regularly maintained. If the filter of the AC unit is blocked, the air going to the evaporator coil is going to be restricted. This may cause the coil to freeze. Dirt isn’t the only thing that may block the system’s filter. This problem can also be caused by pet hair.

To make sure the filter continues functioning properly, be sure to pull the filter out of the AC unit and see if it is blocked. If it is, it is time to install a new one.

Check the Duct Connections

If a homeowner can access their ducts, be sure that the seals are in place and that no insulation has fallen out of place. For homes that have ductwork that is installed beneath the house, animals and pests may use the materials for making a nest. If there are holes or areas that are disconnected, this could be the cause of the AC problem. Replacing the affected ducts will be necessary to fix this issue.

Take Note About What is Going on

When dealing with low performance from an AC unit, be sure to take note of what is being seen and heard when the unit is turned on. For example, does the system turn on and then turn off right away? Is the system blowing hot air inside of the home? Is there a new or loud noise being made when the system is running? Does it seem dead? It is these observations that can help the AC technician find the potential causes so they will know what to look at when they arrive. This information can also help the technician find the underlying cause of the problem.

Call the Professionals for Maintenance and Inspections

Even if it is possible to make a DIY repair for an air conditioner, it is a good idea to book a professional maintenance check to avoid issues down the road. While the issue may be fixed right now, issues down the road can reappear. By having a professional check out what is going on with the unit, it is possible to make sure the issue doesn’t occur again. While there are no guarantees, most professionals know what to do and how to find the underlying problem.

Don’t Wait to Call for Service

When it comes to an air conditioning system, there are several factors to consider. Be sure to know when service is needed by considering the factors here. This is going to ensure that the interior of a home remains comfortable throughout the year. When it comes to AC service, there are a lot of factors to consider, but it is never a good idea to ignore a problem. It will only get worse and cost even more to repair in the long run. Being informed, knowing when to take action, and calling the professionals are the best ways to ensure an AC continues working properly.

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