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How Can I Get My AC System Ready for Summer?

Does it seem like the weather went from chilly early spring where heat was needed right into hot weather without any transition? Your home went from needing a heating system to needing the cooling system in a matter of days. The big question is: Was the cooling system ready? March or April is the best time to get the cooling system inspected and serviced, but it is never too late to get needed servicing. If it is this hot in May, think of what the temperature could be in June and July. The air conditioning equipment will be working extra hard and may break down if it wasn’t serviced after last summer’s use.

Finding a Reliable Heating and Cooling Equipment Service

People in Raleigh have reliable HVAC services available with Allen Kelly & Co. We are the right air conditioning service with good customer reviews and a website to provide potential customers with company information. We also have well-trained, licensed heating and cooling system technicians. We can even give rough cost estimates over the phone and then visit to give the homeowner a detailed estimate for work to be performed.

Why Use Professional HVAC Services?

HVAC technicians know how cooling systems work and have years of experience inspecting and servicing air conditioning equipment. Starting with AC inspection and then servicing the air conditioning equipment is the best way to get ready for the heat of summer. A cooling system that is not serviced regularly may break down with hard use over summer days and nights. During the peak cooling season, it will be hard to get an HVAC service company out for repairs. In addition, emergency repair calls are usually more expensive than scheduled maintenance calls.

A professional technician will inspect your system and let you know in advance what service or repairs are needed and what they will cost. They can also let you know if a new system is needed to be cost-effective. Older cooling systems get noisy, inefficient, and costly to run. They also are more prone to break down with hard use and fail to adequately cool the home on hot days.

What Might Be Involved in Getting that Air Conditioning Equipment Ready for Summer?

The air conditioning technician will inspect the air conditioning system and perform normal maintenance tasks such as changing the filters, cleaning the fins, cleaning the coils on outside units, cleaning condensation lines, installing a new programmable energy-saving thermostat, checking the outside unit and making sure the slab it sits on is level, and cleaning away debris and invasive plant matter. They may also inspect the ductwork for debris and leaks. Leaky ductwork can cause substantial loss of cooled air and increase the cost of cooling substantially.

When all the system has been inspected and serviced, the technician should test the system to make sure it is working properly. On occasion, an inspection call will end with the technician recommending the cooling system be replaced rather than serviced because it is not operating in an efficient manner or will cost too much to repair. In that case, there will be new system recommendations and bids.

When a New Air Conditioning System is Needed

When a family has been getting by How Can I Get My AC System Ready for Summer? it portable fans or cooling units in the past, the warmer normal summer temperatures may require the homeowner to consider a whole-house cooling system. As more and more fans or cooling units are required, they take up floor space and may be in the way. The old air conditioning unit might have become noisy and inefficient to operate.

The cooling bills might be a real concern. The equipment can’t last forever considering the hard use it gets every year and may just be worn out and unreliable now. The newer systems are less expensive to operate and are much quieter when they are running. It is a real advantage if the trusted service company also supplies new heating and cooling systems. If a system is more than 10 years old, it may be outdated and need replacing.

When the air conditioning system is worn out, the heating system might also be showing signs of wear and tear. The new HVAC systems combine both heating and cooling functions in a more efficient manner to save home space and homeowner money. One new system and one outlay of money will replace both the heating and cooling systems. This will guarantee family year-round comfort.

The new HVAC systems include geothermal or other cutting-edge equipment that takes less space, less ductwork, and is more efficient and environmentally friendly. There are systems for every budget. The heating and cooling experts can work with a homeowner to find the best system to fit their home. The system must be the right size for the home. Too large or too small will not be efficient.

An expert can work with the home size and construction to design the correct system for a homeowner. New systems often divide the home into zones with their own thermostats so a family can cool or heat only the areas they are using. This is nice when family members like different temperatures for sleeping. 

Our Company Serves the Raleigh, NC Area

Our company has been serving this area since 1987 making sure every customer’s heating and air conditioning system is in good shape to keep their homes comfortable. Allen Kelly & Company services existing air conditioning and heating units and, when it is time for change, we are experts at replacing this type of equipment. This company specializes in energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions including geothermal and traditional systems.

Getting an air conditioning system ready for the cooling season involves more than changing a filter and turning it on. The warmer normal temperatures may make using portable coolers and fans an inadequate way to stay cool. Call us to have all your HVAC equipment inspected and serviced for the upcoming season. 

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