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Why You Should Have Your A/C System Serviced Before the Summer Ends

As summer comes to an end, you may be thinking about the colder temperatures headed your way. Having your AC serviced may be the last thing on your mind. However, having your AC and your heating unit serviced at least twice a year is an excellent habit to start forming. Right after summer and right after winter ends are the two key times to have your AC unit serviced. Keep reading to discover why that is the case.

1. Heavy Use

One of the reasons why your AC unit should be serviced at the end of summer is because of the heavy use it received during that period. With temperatures reaching scorching heights, your AC unit was likely working overtime to keep your home cool. Parts may be about to break or wear down to a point where they can’t function any longer. HVAC contractors can take a look at the unit and inspect it for parts that are broken or worn down.

Because most AC units are also tied to heating, you need it working in order to have heat during the winter. If you don’t have the unit inspected and maintained at the end of summer, then when you kick it on for heat during the winter, it could not be functioning. That could leave your family freezing until it’s repaired. Preventative maintenance is the best method to ensure your family is comfortable throughout the changing seasons.

2. Dust

Summer sees a lot of pollen and dust. Even if you don’t live in the country, the dust can travel for miles and end up inside of your air conditioning unit all the same. Sometimes this dust contains pesticides or other harsh chemicals that could be transferred to your lungs. Most times, however, it’s just annoying pollen that’s clogging up air filters and making its way into your home.

Dust and pollen don’t go away with the summer. It remains inside of the air ducts and filters until they’re cleaned. Having your AC system serviced means that the contractors also perform AC vent cleaning. This benefits you in numerous ways. For one, it helps the unit function efficiently. Without clean filters and ducts, the air cannot travel as effectively through the system. In the case of a filter, it can even slow down the unit. As for ducts, if they’re clogged up, you’re not going to be breathing in clean air. Dust, pollen, viruses, and other pollutants can all travel through ducts and wind up in your lungs. For those who suffer from asthma or other breathing problems, this could potentially even be lethal for them. Having your ducts and air filter cleaned when undergoing AC unit service is crucial for their good health.

Finally, it also extends the life of your AC unit. With everything clear and clean, the unit is able to work better. It can perform its job with less effort which means less of a strain on the smaller, more delicate parts of the machinery. As a result, your unit lasts longer.

3. Lower Energy Bill

For many homeowners, the reason they typically try to use their AC unit as little as possible is that they don’t want it adding to their energy bill. Yet one of the reasons that may be attributed to the energy bill is a poorly working AC unit. When the unit is unable to efficiently cool air that is taken from outside, it has to work harder and longer to do so. That means more energy is used.

A serviced AC unit can make the process more efficient. With a better running unit, there’s less energy that is used and your bill is reduced. Since you’ll be using the unit in the winter too, you should do everything you can to help lower your energy bill by ensuring that it’s running as efficiently as possible.

4. Reduce Risk of House Fire

When a lot of dust is trapped in your unit and ducts, it can cause a fire. As you make the transition from cool air to warm air, the dust that exists in clumps in the ducts can heat up. All it takes is one spark in that dry air for the dust to catch fire. Because it’s in your ducts, it can be extremely hard to pinpoint where the fire is coming from. This can make it almost impossible to stop the fire from spreading throughout the house.

For the safety of your family and the assets you have in your home, it pays to have your AC serviced before winter hits. The serviceman will remove dust in the ducts, filter, and will ensure that the machinery is working in such a way that limits the risk of a spark being produced.

5. Peace of Mind

Finally, having your AC unit serviced before the summer ends can offer you peace of mind during the fall and winter season. You know for a fact that your unit is ready to make the transition into heat. Everything is cleaned, replaced, and maintained. You also won’t have to worry as much about it breaking during the winter. Preventative maintenance is a key way of providing your unit with an extended lifespan. While others may have bouts of freezing when their unit quits working, you’ll be warm in your home because you took the time to have your AC maintained and prepared for the winter.

Have Your AC Unit Serviced Today

With the summer nearly ending, it’s time to have the unit serviced for winter. Not only can you have all of the benefits listed above, but you can also be sure that come next summer, your AC will be ready to be used once more. Have an experienced team of contractors come to your home today. They can effectively service your unit and inform you of any problems that they notice. You’ll also likely notice an improved quality of air once they’ve finished.

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